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  Dalian Hengde Delicate Molding Co.,Ltd.(abbreviated as HD in the following) is founded and on stream by Mr. Gu zhaoyi-Managing Director in March,2003, it is located in NO.39-10,Songlan Street,Developing Zone,Dalian City.
    Within manufacturing facility embraces the State-of-the-art machining equipment available , e.g. Linear Cutting Machine, EDM, Machining Center, CNC Milling machine, Surface Grinding machine etc., our company lies a highly-skilled and motivated team of design engineers, expert technicians, and programmers dedicated toward providing the diverse precision machining and manufacturing needs for our customers such as, ALPS,MOLEX, SANKO KASEI PLASTIC,MOGAMI SEIKI MOULDING, TEITO ,AMPHENOL, SITSUBA ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE,TOKAIRIKA, NIDEC, RYOBI,HASSE & WREDE CVS, AUPAC, etc., undertaking the design engineering of plastic mould, punch and dies, tooling fixtures as well as parts and components machining, socket connectors machining and fabricating; providing the design engineering and upgrading of the mechanical and electrical equipments.
    HD is proud to serve its customers with scientific management, superior technologies and high quality. Adhering to the tenet of Customer First, Credit First and Quality First, HD is committed to providing satisfactory services to the customers with quality management and advanced techniques.

Mission and Vision
Technology founds the factory; Quality assures the factory; Management manages the factory
Business Policy
Genuine craftsmanship, professional staff +State-of-the-art equipment, Rigorous quality control system=Superior quality
Quality Policy
It is a policy and commitment of HD to provide the level of quality in products and services that achieves the satisfaction of our customers
Environment Policy
Protection of Resources; Saving of Energy; Prevention of Pollution


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